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Rukshana Triem, Lifestyle Coach, Author & Speaker


I am a refugee. I lived in a refugee camp for ten years, before coming to the United States as a fifteen-year-old. I’ve overcome a lot of trauma and sexual abuse.

I allowed all of this to hold me back from being authentic, from being who I am as a real person, free to enjoy life and to live fully.

Depression was my go-to choice and it ate my soul out. I became obese and then just about four-years-ago I said, “That’s it, no more!” and that’s when my transformation started.


These days, I am drawn to the power to change how I think and inspire others to do the same.






I went from feeling overwhelmed, full of fear and doubt and the mind of scarcity to feeling overjoyed full of gratitude and abundance.

I get to spend my days supporting incredible women like you all around the world. I am living the life I had only imagined.

 I recently chopped off all of my hair because it reminded me of all the negative layers from the past.


I empower women to overcome a challenging past and develop deep inner peace, creating a mindset and lifestyle that serves them.


My Story 

I came from a family that had fights and arguments every day.

Does that sound familiar?

Things were thrown and broken, loud screaming voices could be heard for miles and everyone’s Egos were in high gear. There was emotional and physical abuse that went on for twenty years of my life in this family, my family.

I don’t blame my parents, they both learned it from their parents. I learned it too. I treated the father of my kids like crap.

Before I started my transformation, I didn’t have an identity. I took on the identity of the person I was married to. I didn’t exist. I didn’t even know what I liked.


Peace is wholeness. It’s what we are all actually seeking.

I had to teach myself to learn what peace was. I turned to books. I read, invested in courses and practiced everything I learned. I shared with others as well. It became ingrained in me.

I also learned peace through meditation. I would finish meditating and then cry. I shed a lot of pain and tears after my meditations. The result is that I found peace.

That’s why I created a FREE Meditation Video Series for Beginners.



I joined several communities. I started walking and watching what I ate.


I lost 80 lbs. Losing weight increased my self-esteem and it gave me the confidence to do bigger things, like trying a dance class, going to the gym and lifting weights.

I stopped taking anti-depressants and surrounded myself with positive women. I started challenging my body to bigger things like hiking and climbing mountains.

I literally let myself enjoy life. I let my body go on adventures I never thought I could do. I attracted the love of my life and others who love life through nature. I had no idea I was hurting myself all those years. I didn’t even know I didn’t love myself. In my mind, I was just a girl from a refugee camp, who had found her way to freedom.


Developing intimate female experiences, like going on retreats and hikes, gave me the opportunity to dive deep into unconditional love.




My two former marriages were great learning experiences.

I am now married to a phenomenal amazing man, Philip Triem. He supports me one hundred percent. He lights me up, ignites my fire and I can’t get enough of him. He knows that.


You have the freedom to create and design your life. To draw in the person that you want to be with and to create a business that you love.

It’s just incredible how much power we really have, we just forget. If I can do it, anybody can do it.

Dream it!

Plan it!

Create it!

Because YOU deserve it…

 I believe in YOUR GOALS & DREAMS!

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